Urethral stricture – Urethral stricture is a medical condition in which the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body, becomes narrowed or obstructed. This can cause a variety of symptoms, including difficulty urinating, frequent urination, and a weak or interrupted urine stream.

Treatment for urethral strictures typically involves the use of minimally invasive procedures to open up the narrowed area and restore normal urinary function. This may include the use of a catheter or a small tube inserted into the urethra to stretch the narrowed area or the use of a laser or other specialized tools to remove scar tissue or other obstructions.

In some cases, surgery may be required to remove the narrowed section of the urethra and reattach the remaining sections. However, this is typically only necessary in more severe cases of urethral strictures.

If left untreated, urethral strictures can lead to complications such as urinary tract infections, kidney damage, and urinary incontinence. It is important for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of urethral strictures to seek medical attention promptly in order to receive appropriate treatment and prevent further complications.

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