Pyeloplasty- Pyeloplasty is a surgical procedure performed to treat a condition known as ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJ obstruction). UPJ obstruction occurs when there is a blockage at the point where the ureter meets the kidney, which can cause urine to back up into the kidney and cause damage over time.

During a pyeloplasty procedure, the surgeon will typically make an incision in the side of the abdomen to access the affected kidney. The blocked area of the ureter is then removed or bypassed, and the remaining healthy sections of the ureter are reconnected to allow for proper urine flow.

If left untreated, UPJ obstruction can lead to complications such as kidney damage, infection, and high blood pressure. It is important for individuals experiencing symptoms of UPJ obstruction, such as flank pain or frequent urinary tract infections, to seek medical attention promptly in order to receive appropriate treatment and prevent further complications.

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